Leadership 2020

The world in which we now live and work is volatile, uncertain, complex and ambiguous. Local and international forces are impacting every aspect of what we do. Disruption is a constant while new opportunities and a more level playing field are also being created. In this VUCA world, we need to be conscious of what is changing strategically and operationally, the role of innovation and creativity, and the new requirements on leaders to ensure long term business success and sustainability.

As we head to the year 2020, leaders need foresight and vision to deal with the constantly changing landscape being faced. In this context, this second seminar in our leadership series, “Leadership 2020”, provided participants with a unique opportunity explore how leaders can develop 20/20 vision to meet the demands of leading in the year 2020.

This learning seminar was presented by Virginia Mansell, the Executive Chairman of Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG),  founder of the Centre for Integral Leadership Asia. Virginia leads SMG’s strategy and has oversight of the firm’s quality of delivery and intellectual property. Virginia has been at the forefront of the leadership development profession for over 20 years. She is regular guest speaker and commentator on leadership in the press, on the radio and TV; the author of “The Focused Executive: Leadership & Management Skills in Challenging Times”; and editor of a widely read blog on leadership with a substantial circulation amongst blue chip organisations and their leaders. As a leading organisational and leadership development consultant, executive coach and business leader herself, Virginia understands the critical and complex business issues facing senior executives.