CIL-Asia’s Integral Leadership Forum Series a huge success

The Centre for Integral Leadership-Asia held its inaugural Leadership Forum on the 11 July 2016 in Singapore.

Attended by 33 individuals from a broad spectrum of industries, including finance, technology, healthcare, energy, education, tourism, and the government sector, participants were seeking to familiarise themselves with the dynamics of Integral Leadership and its potential impact on their managers and organisations.

During this lively interactive seminar, participants gained practical knowledge and skills around culture building and leadership development. They experienced how problems can be solved differently thanks to an innovative and powerful process known as the ‘Coaching Circle’, a tried-and-tested tool in integral leadership development.

What Leaders Desire

Organisational and business leaders are continually searching for effective solutions to ever more complex problems. They increasingly look to their managers to engage and develop team members through coaching. These modern leaders have become conscious of environmental importance and are determined to create a positive shift in their organisational culture.

CIL Asia Leadership Forum Series

CIL-Asia’s Leadership Forum Series provides a regular platform to highlight contemporary leadership issues and challenges, share information and discuss possible solutions that can bring about deep and lasting organisational transformation.
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