CIL Asia is part of a global integral leadership alliance with substantial reach, capability and resources to deliver world class solutions throughout Asia. A defining characteristic is our commitment to maintaining global best practice through partnering with leading development organisations, enabling us to deliver solutions throughout Asia through our national and trans-national presence.

Stephenson Mansell Group (SMG), a leading professional services firm in Australasia, offers leadership development solutions and interventions to meet specific organisational needs. SMG’s processes embed deep and lasting organisational transformation, resulting in robust, future wise organisations. SMG’s outcomes instil awareness, agility and adaptability building individual, team and organisational-wide capacity for generative leadership.

The Leadership Group works with leaders, teams and organisations to transform the level of their effectiveness and performance. Whether the focus is on development as an organisation, team or individual, the core of The Leadership Group’s work is raising levels of capability and consciousness. Leaders, teams and organisations need capabilities, which need to be identified and systematically developed. And leaders need to be operating at a level of consciousness which enables them to make the right choices, whether that is choices about strategy, or behaviour.

The Slingshot Group’s mission is to empower Thai and AEC Leaders with global leadership solutions. The Slingshot Group partners with their clients by offering simple, practical, and effective solutions for sustainable impact to translate organisational visions into tangible business results using proven approaches and methodologies.